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Good, flexible and sophisticated

Car and boat mounts for Cineflex and Stab-C in Europe.

Speedlifter – an innovative mounting system

only from TVtek!
Authentic filming even on busy roads

With front, side or rear mount
With Cineflex or Stab-C
Dynamic road shoots at up to 170kph! 
No road closures necessary


kl speedlifter t4 frontmount
stab-c speedlifter bus klein 

Alternative system:

Pickup mount

Conventional installation
with Cineflex or Stab-C static mount
– at any height on any pickup truck.


stab c pickup klein

Boat Mount

We also mount Cineflex or Stab-C on boats.

Maximum flexibility
Independent power supply
Fast installation
Minimum space requirements
No drilling required


cineflex yacht action klein

Motorbike camera

TVtek specialises in sports productions. Come to us for cycling, 
marathon and triathlon events both at home and abroad.
In the business since 1993!


tour de france motorrad klein


In cooperation with our partner hd skycam we can also adapt our
system to the most common types of helicopter - quickly and with no

What it means for you: road and aerial shoots all on one day.


cineflex heli klein