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Speedlifter with Stab-C or Cineflex

Speedlifter with Cineflex



only from TVtek!

We developed the TVtek Speedlifter for top-quality dynamic stabilised road shoots at speeds of up to 170kph.

The camera glides smoothly up the vertical mount and can be fixed at any height from 30cm to 3.80m. This dynamic flexibility opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

Front or rear mounts and the use of Cineflex or Stab-C make it possible to take authentic, breathtaking shots in busy traffic.

speedlifter t4 rearmount


TVtek Speedlifter
Specifications in PFD format


All mounts are entered into the vehicle registration document.


Even Germany's state-owned TV channel ZDF has benefited from our sophisticated technology: the live recordings made during the game show Wetten Dass speak for themselves.

speedlifter t4 frontmount


Both systems can be mounted to the left, right or at the centre of the vehicle, enabling a range of 270 degrees!


The modular design of the front mount means that it can be moved to the left and right and positioned at the desired height in the shortest possible time - from 40cm to a maximum of 2 metres.



2412V and 24V power supply for camera and Speedlifter independent of vehicle



230V and 2000W on board, and a 2500W generator for lighting



innenraum t4




Intercom, radio and telephone lines are installed to four seats as a matter of course.

2 Operatorpl├Ątze

The whole system can also be set up to point backwards.